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Wednesday, 7 July 2010

My Annual Request - A Card for Daniel!


I sort of feel guilty asking again. Its either the 3rd or 4th year I've made this request and you are always so generous which is why I'm hoping you don't mind me asking again.

Daniel turns 13 years old on the 7th November and as many of you know he is on the Autistic Spectrum suffering from Aspbergers Syndrome. Basically its the inability to socialise or interact socially with others. Last year he starts Senior school and now attends A Special Needs school quite a journey from here and has to board weekdays. Well this term he has not settled in at all. Infact he is at his lowest ever at the moment and I hate seeing my boy so sad. As a mum you just wanna give them a big cuddle when their down but its just not possible during the week and I feel pretty awful.
Anyway, it would mean a great deal to me if a few peeps could kindly send Daniel a Birthday Card. This is a request I have put out over the last few years and you're kindness is tenfold. He doesn't have parties so I like to give him something special and I know he LOVES opening all the gorgeous cards/creations and takes the time to look at them individually, studying each one and picking out details.

You can email me at clairebsdataoldotcom.

He's very much into computers and gaming but loves dinosaurs, robots etc. Spongebob & Pokemon are a firm favourite (I'm always asked his interests).

Many Thanks for taking the time to read my post & Hope I haven't offended anyone!
Hugs & Thanks


angelique (anlou) said...

hiya hun
i've just send an e-mail to you
i love to send a card
hugs angelique

celia said...

Mijn moederhart zegt me dat ik ook moet meedoen ;-)
We doen alles voor een kinderlach!!!
Heel veel liefs,Celia.

Tineke's hobby said...

i wil send you en email i wil sent him en card

Lynsey said...

Hi Claire
I'm so sorry to hear that Daniel is down at the moment. That must be so hard for you. I will send you an email to get your address.
Hugs Lynsey x

Lisa said...

Hi Claire, I would love to send Daniel a birthday card. I will email you later for your address.

Lisa x

Annika said...

Claire, email me your address, I would dearly love to cheer up Daniel a lil' bit!!

nessy said...

oh claire so sorry to hear about daniel ~ i so know how you feel ~ having been to hell and back with my aaron (who also has aspergers syndrome)with his school ~as you know he started a new main steam school for the first time full time after 7 months , this thursday!!!
ofcause i will send daniel a card ~maybe the boys could be in touch (being the same age)~i know it is difficult for them with the condition ~do you have skype or msa ~or online with xbox??? ~maybe we can chat and the boys join in??? ~am on facebook
sending you all big hugs and thanks so much for your good wishes and yes, as you said ~ their smiles are exactly the same!
vanessa xx

Chelsea said...

Hi Claire, would love to bring a little smile to Daniel :)

Linda . J said...

I will send you an email Claire.

Hugs Linda

Ali Watson said...

OMG i was just thinking about this last night that it was nearly Daniels birthday and as you hadn't said anything i was just going to send his card anyway. Although today i was searching for my crafty address book and can't find it so will need to email you huni. Hugs Ali x

Dawn B. said...

Hi Claire,
If you send me your address I would love to send a card...dawnburnworth@yahoo.com..

Happy birthday to Daniel.. I hope things get better.

Mina said...

I would love to send Daniel a card again Claire...could you email me the address please
Mina xxx

pinky said...

I have emailed you Claire.

Sharon Caudle said...

Hi Claire,

I would love to send Daniel a card! Please send me his address to caudle95@sbcglobal.net
hugs, Sharon

Joy said...

Awe Sorry to hear Daniel's not doing so good. I was wondering how he was getting on. Can't believe he's 13 soon!! I remember when he was 8!! doesn't time fly? I have your addy Claire and of course I'll send your darling son a card xxx

Jodi said...

Claire, wow! Time sure flies! I would love to send Daniel a card, please email me at
Jodi =)

Cheryl said...

Hi Claire,I have just posted Daniel's card,I do hope it cheers him up a little and I hope he has a wonderful birthday!!!
Hugs xx

Debbie Pamment said...

Hi Claire,
My 5yo nephew is on the severe end of the spectrum so I know how gorgeous and loving these kids can be. I'll be aiming to get a card done for him - will email you for your address once I do! I always tell my sister that these special kids go to VERY special parents! My sister started a blog as she was feeling isolated and alone at times - I'm soo grateful for this world of bloggers too!!!
Take care!

Jennifer said...

Hi Claire. A subject close to my heart. My son has Aspergers Syndrome (thankfully 'mild'). The social thing is the hardest, especially when my girls are having their friends over and being invited out for sleepovers and parties. He is coping the best he can at highschool, but I can tell he feels down and lonely some days. He will be 13 on Christmas Day so same age as Daniel! I will try my best to get something suitable made in time for Daniel. Just in the process of making 60 wedding invitations for my Sister. Hugs to you both xx Jenny xx

Lorraine A said...

will make a card for him this weekend xx not sure if I still have your address from last year ,, so if you could email it to me that would be fab :)


Lols x x x

Jackie Thomas said...

Hi Claire. I have just finished making Daniel a spongebob birthday card. I too have a little man with aspergers syndrome. Matt is 11 and has had a pretty hard year this year too. He is such a beautiful little boy as I'm sure Daniel is. Matt too just loves his computer games and is a huge spongebob fan. If you could send me your address, I will get this card sent off to Daniel this week. Love and best wishes xo Jackie

Debbie Pamment said...

Hi Claire,
I have a card made and have emailed you for your address. Am hoping my email didn't end up in your junk box - here's my email for you just in case.

Mandy said...

Hey hun, I love to send Daniel a card, and don't you ever feel bad about asking people, us mums do anything we can to make our babbys happy.
I've a busy couple days ahead but will try and make it over the weekend
hugs Mandy xx

Vanja said...

Hi Claire! I just sent you an email, I'd love to send Daniel a card! :)
hugs, Vanja

Nicola said...

Daniel´s card is now ready to post and it is a pleasure so never ever be afraid to remind us all of your very special son´s birthday.
Nicola -x-

Christina said...

A gorgeous card Claire!! Really fantastic!
Hugs Kristel

Anonymous said...

hi! i have sent to you e-mail, waiting for answer :)

Shirl said...

Hi Claire love all your cards and would love to send Daniel a card for his birthday.
Hugs Shirley x x

Karen said...

hope mine arrived x

lil-paper-pixie said...

What a lovely idea Claire, I totally understand how you feel as my son has Aspergers Syndrome, took years to diagnose meaning years of other parents looking at us like we were bad parents and Jonathan was very unhappy!!! He is 14 now and goes to a special provision school which has helped him no end, although like your Daniel he has had a tough time getting back into the school routine as he has gone to the older kids campus, where more is expected of them!! He doesn't cope without structure too well!! Things will pick up for him I am sure, sending hugs to yourself & Daniel x

rosie said...

of course I will send him a card. Will do it now.
hugs to him and you and thanks for the kind comments on my blog too x

Tracy said...

I have e-mailed you Claire, no probs I will post as soon as I get your Addy.
Happy crafting
Tracy x


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